January News Round Up

mobile spring cleaning

Mobile Spring Clean

We understand that you may be busy trying to catch up with the New Year and planning for the rest of this year, but they say a clean mobile is a clean mind. We never take the time to empty the useless information that our handset holds until it’s too late. Old photos, messages and emails are the main hoarders, so ensure to go through and thoroughly remove, you may be surprised on how much storage you have left. After you complete the first step you should look at any apps you no longer use, deleting these should free up some more space. Last but not least check any notes you may have made and remove any ones no longer needed.

You mobile should be nice and clean ready to help give your home a spring clean. Our favourite app to assist your washing is House Cleaning (available on Android). This app manages your finance, time and resources to make sure that you stay focussed. You can plan a daily, weekly or monthly cleaning rota for the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and living rooms. Our favourite feature is that you can tick the list as each task is completed to see what is still to clean and how much you have finished.

Another app we recommend that you download this month is To Do List (available on iOS). The app is exactly what the name states; organise your daily activities including any resolutions that you may have made. You can take snapshots for your home screen so you won’t forget to do anything again.

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Device of the Month

During winter we was finding it hard to choose a suitable movie available for the whole family to watch, then we discovered the TV boxes from our favourite mobile giants. If you find your tablet screen a bit small or not suitable for the amount of people watching we suggest that you get a TV box. Apple and Android users have started the mobile-TV trend. Through easy access from the comfort of your smartphone and a valid WiFi connection you can control what appears on your television. From movies to YouTube videos you can stream anything you like and watch on your big screen. With the Apple TV you can seamlessly connect your iOS device to the box and begin to watch your favourite TV shows with built in apps. Our favourite feature is the mirroring effect it has from mobile to TV this allows you to use your phone as a controller and your TV as the screen. With simple access anyone with an iOS device can connect and broadcast their pictures, videos and movies. TV boxes are the way forward in home watching, we recommend that you grab one as soon as possible!

New Year, New You?

We are now a month into 2015, you may have made some new resolutions that your mobile can help you with. If you are planning to get fit and healthy this year, make sure that you don’t forget to download Daily Workouts. The app allows you to watch a variety of step by step work out videos, you can even continue to watch this clips without an active internet connection. If you have promised yourself that you will watch your spending in the New Year be sure to download Spending Tracker The app allows you to easily enter your transaction and provides an overview of your current spending progress. No matter your New Year resolution, we have an app for you…

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