Apple TV – Worth the Purchase?

After the switch over from analogue TV we saw a range of TV boxes released from manufacturers to provide internet TV in your home. Internet TV allows users to watch movies, shows and videos on demand, some may provide this for free or charge a monthly fee. Many TV boxes just simply have one wire to connect to your tele, unless you have an internet enabled television already and a valid internet connection. We give our recommendations on the Apple TV box, we look at what makes it different to other TV boxes? We also look at how advanced is the box? And we tell you if it is worth the purchase.

  Apple tv

Apple TV

The Apple TV box has been around for quite a while but with technology finally catching up we can easily stream shows, videos and more to our television. You simply connect the HDMI wire to your television and you can start watching what you want. However make sure you don’t lose the remote as there are no external control, but you can also download the ‘Remote App’ on your iOS devices to control your box.

Specs and Feats

Once you plug in your Apple TV box you can start watching the latest releases on iTunes or stream via Netflix. Not everything is on demand you can watch live sport programming and you can even catch the news. The TV box allows Apple users to project their screen on to their tele, a great feature for showing home movies. Remember anything saved onto your iCloud can and will be stored also on your box. Sharing with your family is also made easier with effortless integrated iTunes account which allows you to watch movies that family members have purchased. Let’s not forget about your iTunes music playlist which is also uploaded for you to enjoy!


The additional function we love is you can play games on your Apple device and the screen will appear on your television screen. The main reason we love this function is because you can turn your device into a controller and a bigger screen and better speakers. Also friends and family can easily connect to your Apple TV without using passwords so they can show you their phots, videos and more!


Pricing normally starts around £79 and we say that it is worth the purchase! If you are an Apple fan then this is a great addition to your iOS devices. The small black box will save you countless hours of boredom and can save you from purchasing other devices like a laptop, a radio or a speaker system.


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