Recycling Your Electronic Devices!

With a new year comes spring cleaning as known as recycling… We know that some of you may be dreading it due to the extra weight you gained over the holiday season. But we have a way that you can make money and get rid of some of your unused mobiles, tablets or similar devices. Read more about our Mobile Recycling partnership with award winning electronic equipment recyclers emc Europe and how you can start your new year off with a fresh start.


Recycling Services

By using us when recycling your mobiles, laptops or tablets you can receive the following services:

  • Free courier collection.
  • Web based management information portal.
  • Full data removal.
  • Grade and price evaluation.
  • WEEE documentation.
  • Payment to your business or chosen charity.
  • CheckMEND Verification.
  • Dedicated personal account manager.
  • In house technical service centre.


Trained engineers will review the handset and approve your quoted price or provide a price based on the condition of the device. An account manager will then contact you regarding the consignment details and price. You can choose whether to use your money for a new handset, money of your contract or donate it to a charity of your choice.


Your Company Mobiles and emc Europe recognise problems when mobiles and similar devices are thrown away cause. Harmful chemicals and gases can be released when the device is in a landfill site, but by recycling them, we can extend the life cycle by 93%. We guarantee to provide a hassle-free, dedicated service and aim to stay environmentally motivated.


Your Company Mobiles also work with insurance providers Gadget Cover. For any new mobiles, laptops or tablets you get this Christmas ensure to get protection against theft, loss, accidental damage, breakdown and many more coverage. By using us to insure your devices you can save up to 40% more than going direct.


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