Hands-on: Tech21 Evo Tactical XT for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 provides needed drop protection

It’s wonderful that the latest Samsung Galaxy phones have a high level of water resistance, but with front and back glass panels the phones will still break if you drop them.

Since I started fly fishing and cycling more while also running with my phone, I need something to protect my phone. Over the last week and a half I’ve taken the Tech21 Evo Tactical XT out on the rivers and the roads. I didn’t try to drop my Note 7 for testing, but fell in the river once and dropped it on the river bed. It’s still perfect.

I prefer to carry my phones in my front pants pocket without any protection most of the time I am commuting to and from the office, but don’t mind wrapping my phone in a case for my outdoor adventures. Big bulky cases are not pleasing to carry around, but some case manufacturers provide rugged protection without much bulk. That is the case here with the Evo Tactical XT.

The Tech21 Evo Tactical XT is part of the ‘Designed for Samsung’ collection, which means it has been designed and certified to meet Samsung’s performance standards. The eval case arrived in violet, which works out well for University of Washington Husky fans. It is also available in black for $49.95, with a planned shipping date of September 4.

Source: http://www.zdnet.com/blog/cell-phones/rss.xml

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