LG G4 Video Review

Last year’s LG G3, while not completely perfect, was one of the better flagship smartphones of 2014. Can its follow-up continue with that momentum? Check out the video for the full review of the LG G4

Like its predecessor, the LG G4 is fantastic balance of screen size and phone size – one might even call it the best in this department. Its 5.5-inch screen is big enough to be considered a phablet, but the phone itself doesn’t feel huge.

Its ultra-sharp Quad HD, 538 PPI panel certainly doesn’t damage things either. It has a richness of colors and level of contrast that you’d typically expect from an AMOLED screen (the G4’s is IPS).

LG continues to be a leader in displays, with the G4 getting an A in this class. For the rest check out the video below.

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