Discount Apps, how to save money!

Mobile and tablet spending is rapidly increasing with more users making purchases on their device. Your mobile apps can help save you money, the Office app allows customers to receive free delivery for any purchases made on their app. Here is our list of discount apps that have been created just to show you ways to save money on your mobile or tablet.

 discount apps

Discount Apps …


The Spendometer is a great budgeting app and one of the best money saving apps. You can set your daily, weekly and monthly budget for a number of items and then fill in your spending as you go along. The spendometer will tell you how much you are overspending or even saving.

My Super List

My Super List app is good whether you do you food shopping online or in store, it allows you to make a saving. You can create your shopping list while you’re out and then check which supermarket is selling all of those items for the cheapest price. You can also get cashback on certain items with the app meaning that you’re saving even more.


On the Idealo app, you can compare more than 120 million offers from over 22,200 online shops. You can find the cheapest prices from popular shops with the help of search recommendations and a wide range of filters to narrow your search, or discover shops specialize in the products you are looking for.


Onavo lowers the amount of data you use by reducing the information from any web page you visit or app you use, ensuring that small amounts of data is being transferred. Also if a big part of your mobile bill comes from browsing the net or going over your data allowance, this app could help you save. If you need to use the internet on holiday, this will also stop you racking up huge bills abroad.


Vouchercloud is one of the most useful money saving apps out there. It uses GPS technology to look for special discounts that are nearest to your location. Generally, It’s best for locating restaurants and finding deals but it is also good for entertainment, health and beauty, shopping and days out. You can use the voucher straight away or save it to your Vouchercloud account to use at a later date. You will need to present the code when you are claiming the discount.

 discount apps


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